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Concrete: The Home of the Future

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Choose Nonquit Homes for an unparalleled journey into the future of home living. We have developed a unique method for utilizing tilt-up, pre-stressed concrete panels in conjunction with poured-in-place concrete to transform the approach to residential home construction. This process delivers a cost-effective approach to building more durable homes.


While still working to get costs down further, these homes will cost more upfront than a wood-framed structure. Yet, added energy efficiencies, less maintenance, lower insurance costs, and government incentives can offset these initial expenses. In fact, when lifetime upkeep and expenses are factored in, concrete homes are expected to greatly reduce the total cost of ownership. 


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Cost Cutting

Revolutionizing costs, our homes, though initially pricier, yield long-term savings. Energy efficiencies, low maintenance, reduced insurance, and government incentives offset upfront expenses. Streamlining construction processes, we slash timelines, reducing costs significantly. Our insulation-infused concrete panels enhance energy efficiency and trim construction expenses, promising lower overall ownership costs. Federal tax credits sweeten the deal for energy-efficient home buyers.

Optimal Design

Nonquit Homes shatters the limitations of traditional concrete home designs. Departing from large panels, our smaller concrete panels provide architects and home designers unparalleled flexibility to craft homes of any size or style. The exterior aesthetics are limitless, embracing traditional designs such as stucco, stone, brick, or tile. Unlike the stereotypical flat concrete appearances, Nonquit Homes introduces a spectrum of color and texture options, allowing spaces with style and flair.

Passing Along the Savings

Choosing Nonquit Homes maximizes benefits for both builders and homeowners. Beyond safety and energy efficiency, our homes offer reduced repairs and significant government and banking incentives. Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM) open avenues for larger loans due to ongoing energy savings. Insurance rates are lower for concrete homes, especially valuable in hurricane-prone areas, ensuring resilience against nature’s challenges.

A New Era of Architectural Excellence

Nonquit Homes extends its expertise to residential home builders, empowering them to thrive in the concrete home market. With a proven method of constructing energy-efficient homes using our patented  sandwich panel fixtures, pour-in-place techniques, and tilt-up processes, builders gain access to a comprehensive toolkit for success. Nonquit Homes serves as a guiding force, enabling builders to embrace the future of home construction with confidence and efficiency.

Antiquated Wood Framed Homes

Shaping The Future of Housing

Climate change is increasing the risk of catastrophic damage to homes and property. Windstorms, flooding, and wildfires continue to increase in number and severity. Yet, there is little discussion as to the future of housing and the pursuit of an advancement in technology that would allow for a better alternative to wood-framed, single-family homes. This is of particular importance to those living in areas where natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes devastate thousands of wooden structures every year in the US.

Concrete is an obvious solution due to its durability, but the cost of construction has always made it untenable for most residential home builders. Other common drawbacks have included; concrete’s poor insulation, less appealing finishes and designs, and the added time required for construction.

Our recent innovations, however, are eliminating these drawbacks.


 Benefits Of Concrete Construction

  • Durability: Concrete construction offers unparalleled durability, outlasting traditional wood-framed structures by two to three times. Resistant to insects, moisture, mold, fire, and wind, concrete homes ensure a robust and long-lasting shelter.
  • Energy Efficiency: Despite being dense and airtight, concrete’s reputation as a poor insulator is overcome by incorporating a thick layer of insulation into panels. This not only enhances energy efficiency but also reduces construction time and costs by eliminating the need for additional insulation and sheetrock.
  • Cost Savings: While initial costs may be higher than wood-framed structures, the lifetime savings in energy efficiency, lower maintenance, and reduced insurance expenses make concrete homes a financially savvy choice. Streamlining the construction process further contributes to cost reductions.
  • Design Flexibility: Nonquit Homes introduces optimal design flexibility by using small concrete panels, allowing architects and homeowners to create homes of any size or style. Traditional exterior finishes such as stucco, stone, brick, or tile can be seamlessly incorporated, enhancing curb appeal.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Concrete construction offers a more sustainable option with reduced environmental impact compared to traditional wood-framed homes. The longevity of concrete structures contributes to less frequent rebuilding, promoting resource conservation and long-term environmental stewardship.

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Nonquit Homes provides patented concrete sandwich panel fixtures specifically designed for residential contractors.

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